The Limit’s The Sky


Limits are a good thing. 

I often hear "We don't have the budget/time/people/etc… for this!" My recent response has become, "I know, isn't that great!?"
Limits force me to not rely on old tried (or tired?) and true methods. Limits force me to seek solutions in new places. Limits force me throw out the old rules and create new ones. 

Limits are freeing. 

If the options for what you can do are limited, then a lot of wrong solutions have just been eliminated and no time needs to be wasted on them.
In the spirit of embracing limits, I'm typing this post on my iPhone, using its smaller keyboard and screen as my limiting factors. I also took this post's picture with the iPhone's limited camera, rather than my almost-unlimited Nikon D300. 

Sometimes when I'm stuck on a project, I'll create some artificial limits to help me think differently. For example, since I tend to be pretty linear, I've limited myself sometimes by deciding "no rectangles/right angles on this one". Or, just using two colors instead of full color. These limits make me go in a different direction than I would have otherwise, and my work is usually better for it.

How can you embrace the existing limits in your project, and turn them into an asset? If you're stuck, what artificial limits can you place on yourself to get you going in a new direction?