Right In Front Of Me

The better way was right in front of me, and it took me over six months to see it.

About six months ago I got a new keyboard. The old keyboard was tired. Some keys were sticking a bit (probably from all the dropped food crumbs, but that's another story). The old keyboard had volume level controls and I was used to being able to hit mute when the phone rang or I needed to talk with someone. However, if I wanted to actually stop the music from playing, I had to dig through all the open application windows to hit "pause" in iTunes. What a pain…

Guess what I "discovered" on the new keyboard? Play. Pause. Forward. Rewind! It was there all the time, but I was so in the habit of still playing/pausing music the way I had with the old keyboard, that I had not stopped to discover what was possible with the new keyboard. My computer music playing life is changed forever!

This got me thinking about other habits I have that prevent me from seeing what's possible creatively. I know I have lots of them, and I'm going to be working to discover what they might be, and how I might deal with them. One habit I know I want to focus on is being quiet – something I'm not good at. So, I'll start with five minutes a day of quiet thoughtful time. No tv, no books, no driving, no music. 

This will be a new habit that will require taking the time to make it happen, which means breaking some old habits. My goal is to discover other "right in front of me" things that will help me be more creative. Look for a progress report in a couple of weeks.

What is "right in front of you" that you're missing? What are things you can do to see them better?

One Response to “Right In Front Of Me”

  1. Connie Van Houten says:

    In other words, what don’t you know, that you don’t know!