A Trip Down WWW Memory Lane

September 12th, 2010

Won’t you join me on a brief trip down Impression Media Group website memory lane?

Impression Media Group Site ca. 2004:

Notice the drop shadows, and the narrow page design for the then lowest common denominator monitor size of ¬†800 x 600 pixels. A peek at the html code would reveal nested tables upon nested tables with lots of background fills. Ahhhh, the early 2000’s :-)

Jump ahead to Impression Media Group ca. 2007:

The drop shadows are (mostly) gone and gradients are given a prominent place. Custom photos are featured throughout the site, and the logo remained unchanged for six years.

Which brings us to today, and Impression Media Group ca. 2010:

New logo. New site technology: WordPress content management system rather than html pages built using a graphical editor. No gradients. Drop shadows only on featured graphics (I still love ’em!)

What a difference six years makes! It’s a great exercise to reflect upon my changes in experience and style over the years.

How have you grown and changed in experience and style over the years? What has remained as a style constant for you during those years?

Six Eyes

June 9th, 2010

Six eyes

If a pair of glasses makes you "four eyes," then two pairs must make you "six eyes."

Soon after the first of the year, I got a second pair of glasses for computer use and reading. Ahhhh, another of the joys of mid-40's. In addition to seeing my computer screen, iPhone, books, magazines and other documents much better, I discovered a surprise bonus. My reading glasses are a creativity booster, as they help me to focus (literally) on only those things that are closer than three to four feet away.

Distraction is one of the enemies of creativity. Staying focused and avoiding self-distraction is often difficult for me. So many web sites. So many people walking by. So many things on my desk. So many emails to answer. So many songs to preview on iTunes. The second pair of glasses remind me to stay focused on what's right in front of me. Now, if they would just automatically turn off the web browser when I start goofing off…

What helps you focus and concentrate?