Impression Media Group has been providing graphic design services since 1997. It feels good to say that most clients have become friends.

We offer a wide variety of services:

  • graphic design services (logo design, brochure design, advertising design and more!)
  • photography (events, products, and much more!)
  • website design (html sites, custom WordPress sites)
  • presentation design (story/theme consultation and development, slide layout and design)
  • consultation and training (Got a question? Just ask!)



Digital Transfer, LLC Logo
Northwest Fine Art Printing is in the process of launching a new service for professional service providers (frame shops, photographers, artists, etc…) to allow them to directly sell prints to their customers. This new service will be provided by the subsidiary company, Digital Transfer, LLC.

Digital Transfer LLC Logo
Extravaganza 2013 Logo
The ELCA Youth Ministry Network’s annual event’s logo needed something different. Instead of designing the logo in Adobe Illustrator, this logo is a photo of a set of stencils spelling the word “FORM,” which is then lit from behind with a flash to create a real cast shadow.

ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza 2013 Logo FORM