It’s All In Your Head


Creativity is more about attitude than aptitude.

Creativity does not require the ability to run 40 yards in under 5 seconds, nor balance on a 4” wide beam and do flips. Creativity does not require the ability to write a top 40 hit, nor to paint the Mona Lisa. Creativity only requires attitude, and that’s all in your head.

Some attributes of the creative attitude include:

  • play
  • humor
  • freedom
  • security
  • passion
  • trust
  • anticipation
  • enthusiasm
  • focus
  • dedication
  • honesty

How do you get that attitude? What do you need to change (internally and externally) to have an attitude that helps you be creative?

To paraphrase baseball-great Yogi Berra, “Creativity is 90% mental, and the other half is ___________.”

What fills in the black for you?

I fill in the blank (at least today) with “persistence.”