11 More Things to Do When You’re Creatively Stuck


  1. Stand up. Try working for a bit while standing. 
  2. Take your work to a new location. Head to the library or favorite coffee shop. If you can't leave the building, find an empty space for a few minutes (hours?) and look at 4 different walls. Maybe even trade offices with a co-worker for a day! 
  3. Do nothing. Take 15 minutes, and close your eyes. Or stare out the window. Let your mind wander over nothing and everything. Step away from the computer, close your door, turn off the phone, etc…
  4. Carry a notepad and pen EVERYWHERE! Inspiration is a funny and unpredictable resource – be ready when it happens.
  5. Eat some chocolate. At least it can't hurt (in reasonable quantities) and endorphins = good.
  6. Ask, "What would MacGyver do?" This, of course, assumes you have access to duct tape…
  7. Browse at Book Store/Hardware Store/Office Supply Store. The variety of "stuff" is fertile soil for creativity.
  8. Read poetry. Engaging your eyes and mind in the process of translating the words to visuals stimulates different parts of your brain and helps you be more open to new connections and ideas.
  9. Eat a meal at a new place. Again, new stimuli helps your brain make new connections and opens up the door to new solutions. 
  10. Get outside. Even a brief visit to the great outdoors (whatever the weather) may be enough to get rid of the rut.
  11. Laugh. Read a comic, watch a sitcom, seek out your funniest friend. Humor requires lots of brainpower, and once your brain is more awake, watch out!