Room For Improvement


Consider the humble ketchup bottle. 

I recently realized that the experience of ketchup has undergone a major transformation. The ketchup has not changed, but my experience of it has. They've made it better, without changing the product. 

Instead of trying to find the mystery spot that will magically free the ketchup from the glass bottle without an avalanche of red, or shaking and turning the plastic bottle upside down, the kind folks at the ketchup company have made my ketchup experience better by designing a better bottle. Now, the bottle sits on its lid, ready to squeeze red deliciousness on my fries. Genius! 

There are lots of other examples of this: the retractable Sharpie, the iPod transforming how our personal music collection is experienced, the one-touch stapler, etc…

These are examples of taking an existing product, and without fundamentally changing the product, making the user experience of the product better. 

What do you create that you could make better (and best) by thinking creatively about how the user experiences it and improving that experience while leaving the basic "product" unchanged?