Sacred Space

My (primary) creative space is the third bedroom of our condo. It's got all my computer nerd stuff, a big desk, a 23" monitor, custom-built shelves (thanks to my father-in-law), and a comfy work chair. I love it. Except when I don't.*

Sometimes it's just four walls, and it's the place I also take care of all the "chores" that go along with running my own company. 

Since I likely can't have one sacred creative space, I'm working on crafting some sacred creative spaces – places where the only activity that happens for me is the stuff of creating.

Maxwell Smart had his cone of silence, I'm looking for my cone of creativity. 

It's going to be a work in progress, but here's what I'm thinking:
  1. When I need to write, I've found some success at coffee shops. I'm going to try to skip Starbucks, as my wife and son do enough damage there, and seek out the perfect hot chocolate at some independent coffee shops on the east side of Lake Washington. Suggestions welcome!
  2. To me, there's something about the vibe of a library that helps me get in the creative zone. Fortunately, there's five library branches within about 10 miles of my house. 
  3. I need to turn off instant messaging, ignore non-family phone calls and text messages, and limit web browsing to research/inspirational stuff.  
  4. To complete my cone of creativity, crank up the tunes and plug in the headphones. 
Another part of this process, is to move the business chores (bill paying, invoicing, estimating, etc…)
to another room. I'll give the dining table a try…

Are you able to identify a sacred creative space for your creative projects? How can you create a sacred creative space?