Strength from Weakness

I got to meet Jamie and Karen Moyer yesterday. You can learn about Jamie here

Jamie and Karen were visiting the school where my wife works, after making a donation to the school from their foundation. I'm a huge Jamie Moyer fan, so I offered to take photos of the visit.


Here's why I'm a huge Jamie Moyer fan: he's taken his perceived weaknesses, and made a 22-year (and counting) career as a Major League Baseball pitcher, and then invested himself in his community. 

He's never thrown hard (his fastball tops at about 80 mph, where the average is 90+), but he's always thrown smart by changing speeds on his pitches, and upsetting batters' timing.

He's never had a devastating breaking ball (curveball, slider, etc…), but he's owned the corners of the strike zone.

Now that he's the oldest player in professional baseball, he keeps in great shape to be able to play "one more year."

In other words, he's taken his unique gifts, and has not taken baseball's "No" for an answer by creating ways for his strengths to create a unique niche for his style of playing.

In 2000, he leveraged the wealth that his career provided, and along with his wife Karen started the Moyer Foundation. Yesterday they took time to visit CHILD, and record a video message for use in the school's fundraising luncheon. But they also wanted to spend time with the students. They visited a class in the gym and jumped right into the game of kickball. Awesome.


Inspiration is a huge part of creativity, and Jamie Moyer is an inspiration to me. He even held the door for me. Nice!