The Real Deal


This is a story about following your passion.

Last night, I was invited to join my son's youth group on their outing to Real Soda in Seattle. Real Soda sells soda (about 1,400 kinds) in glass bottles, made with cane sugar (NOT high fructose corn syrup). I had a Leninade (strawberry lemonade soda which was quite tasty) and am saving my vanilla cream soda for a later date. 

As a designer, the bottle designs and varieties were visually inspiring. Also, lots of fun details in some of the bottle's text. 

But, the most inspiring part of the evening for me was talking to Eric Sanford, the local franchise owner. He's a soda expert and loves talking about it. He's got great stories and with tons of details and information about the sodas. One of the group asked for a soda for her 5-year-old brother, "without lots of sugar." He was able to point her in the right direction. 

It's always great fun for me to hear people share their stories about why they do what they do, and to see their passion as they tell the stories. I am so glad that my job is also my passion – I can't imagine doing life any other way.

What's your story your most passionate about? How can you craft a way to make your passion the biggest part of your career?