Welcome to Creatively Creative! 

Here's where I start: we're all creative. My theory is that if we can all embrace or recreate that sense of creativity, the world will be at least a tiny bit better place.

My goal with this blog is to provide a resource to folks who create stuff. I plan to post each day with thoughts on big picture strategic thoughts, as well as specific ideas that can be used right now to help you be more creative. Additionally, each Wednesday (to help you get over the hump), I'll have a list (that goes to 11!) that addresses specific areas of creativity.

I hope this blog will be the start of many conversations. I hope you talk with friends and co-workers. I hope you talk with your constituents. And I'd love it if you'd talk with me. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, as well as at Impression Media Group

If you like what's here, please tell a friend (or eleven).

What do you need the most creative help with? What do you need to be more creative? 

Until tomorrow…