What’s In A Name?

I love finding creativity in unexpected places. 

The Chicago Tribune has a story about the Secret Service code names for President-elect Obama, his family, and some recent Presidents.

President-elect Obama: Renegade
Michelle Obama: Renaissance
Malia Obama: Radiance
Sasha Obama: Rosebud
Vice President-elect Biden: Celtic
Jill Biden: Capri
President George W. Bush: Tumbler
First Lady Laura Bush: Tempo
Bill Clinton: Eagle
Hillary Clinton: Evergreen
Chelsea Clinton: Energy
George Bush: Timberwolf
Barbara Bush: Tranquility
Jimmy Carter: Deacon
Rosalyn Carter: Dancer
Amy Carter: Dynamo
Ronald Reagan: Rawhide
Nancy Reagan: Rainbow

I find this list fascinating for a couple of reasons. First, there's so much creativity here from the outwardly serious Secret Service! Time and care seems to have been taken to find a good descriptive code name. Second, there's limits in the names. Each name is only one word. And each family name shares the same initial letter.

Here's a creative project to try, based on the above: come up with a code name for each co-worker and/or family member. It has to be just one word. For folks from the same departments/divisions at work, each person in the department must have a code word that starts with same letter. For family, all code names must also start with the same letter.

Here's a harder one: what would be your secret service code name? What one word embodies who you are, who you think others see? 

For today, at least, mine would be Charger.