11 Inspirational Resources


My favorite inspirational resources:
  1. Presentation Zen. Great web site. Awesome book. I visit daily… Not just about better presentations, but about better story telling and the philosophy of sharing that story effectively.
  2. Seth Godin. A new take on marketing, with an emphasis on the story and customer.
  3. HOW Magazine. Usually filled with amazing visuals, as well as practical design-related articles. 
  4. Layers Magazine and Photoshop User Magazine. When I'm stuck on "how'd they do that", this is where I turn. Both have great tutorials. Layers website is free, but Photoshop User requires membership (I pay for my membership each year with the member discount savings on software, hardware, etc…)
  5. iStock Photo. Once I know the mantra/story of the project, I usually come here for the perfect visual(s) to tell the story. This site has user-submitted stock photos that are $5-$10 each, depending on resolution.  
  6. Guy Kawasaki. Former Mac software evangelist, and current author, speaker, and venture-capitalist. Usually something funny or interesting here. 
  7. TED Talks. Technology, Entertainment and Design. Great stories told by great story tellers.
  8. Church Marketing Sucks. Title says it all. Thoughtful essays on telling the story of churches more effectively. 
  9. Alton Brown. The man who reimagined the cooking show (cameras in the oven and refrigerator, puppets!), with emphasis on the story and process, not the recipe. His Feasting on Asphalt (and Waves) mini-series and a great look at often overlooked pieces of our culture.  
  10. Lifehacker. While primarily tech-oriented, there's some fun and interesting things here. I like the approach of finding ways to use things in ways they were not originally intended. If you're an Ikea fan, try ikeahacker
  11. Scrubs. This wacky TV show about young doctors is another case where a television show format has been reimagined. It's an acquired taste for some, but does not get old for me. New shows on ABC in January!  

One Response to “11 Inspirational Resources”

  1. Leena P. says:

    Your number 11 just gave me a great gift idea for my husband. Thanks for the creative inspiration!