Alternate Work Locations to Inspire Creativity


Sometimes, looking at four different walls is enough to get out of the creative slump, so give these a try:
  1. Coffee Shop. Preferably a local independent. WiFi access is a plus, but going unplugged may also be helpful.
  2. Library. Loads of inspiration and information are just a few steps away – magazines, books and librarians! 
  3. Mall. Soak in the energy of the crowds, do some people watching. Go into stores you usually don't visit and savor the newness.
  4. Home. Enjoy the quiet. Ignore the chores, phone, and the temptation to "just rest your eyes."
  5. Trade Offices. Invite a co-worker to trade offices with you for a few hours. 
  6. Park. Head outside to a park bench. Be inspired by the great outdoors. 
  7. Airport. Now for something completely different… Invest a few dollars in short term parking, head to ticketing area and grab a seat. There's a certain energy at airports that's hard to find elsewhere. 
  8. Church. For another space with an energy that's radically different, try visiting your local church. Many (not all) are open during the day and will allow a visit to the sanctuary. Of course, if you're already a member, it's even easier.  
  9. Car. Sometimes it's the journey, not the destination. Listen to the radio, bring along your favorite music and sing along, drive on a road that's new to you… So many options.
  10. The Shower. I do some of my best random thinking in the shower. No phone, no radio, no instant message, no email. A great space for 10 minutes or so of thoughtfulness.  
  11. Rearrange the furniture in your office. If you can't go out, at least you can make "in" different. 

What are your favorite alternate locations for creating? Is it possible to request the freedom to get out of the office?