Bonus Day

It's snowing in Seattle (and Sammamish).

Wet snow + lots of hills + not many snow plows = schools closed and lots of people staying home.

Since I work from home, staying home isn't new. What does create a different rhythm is my son and wife being home due to school closures. It almost feels like I'm working on the weekend, and that makes today a bonus day.

Here's what else I've noticed about the different rhythm of days like today:
  • The phone is not ringing as much. Only one call, and that was to cancel a meeting.
  • Emails are not flooding my in box. Except from folks in the midwest, who are used to the white stuff and prosper in it due to lack of hills and reduced moisture content of their snow. 
  • The house feels different with the fam around. I have to put on headphones if I want to play my 80's hair metal loud. Sigh. 
  • I feel like I'm getting ahead on projects. Awesome! 

How do you deal with disruptions to your normal workflow?