Creativity as the Sixth Sense

Once you start creating more and more stuff of your own, you likely find yourself experiencing the world around you differently. You'll find yourself watching movies with new eyes, listening to music with sharper ears, savoring all the flavors at dinner, and gaining new appreciation for the feel of shirts fresh from the dryer.

This appreciation and immersion in the creativity of others can be a powerful inspirational force in the cycle of your own creativity. As you create more things, you pay more attention to similar things that others create. You look for ways to improve them and notice ideas that you can transfer to your own projects. Soon, you'll be observing the creativity of others in endeavors not related to your own, and begin to explore ways to even be inspired by ideas from those not-directly-connected-to-what-your-working-on-right-now experiences in your life.

The world around you is full of inspiration that you can use to inspire your creativity. And your creativity contributes to the cycle of creativity of others. The gift that keeps giving! 

How can you be inspired by a meal at your favorite restaurant? How would you change your favorite (or least favorite) movie?