One small step…

Sometimes, all it takes is a very tiny change in perspective.

I was taking photos for a client project yesterday, and I was trying to get lots of different angles of the subjects (some landmarks around Seattle) so that I would have the most options when it came time to create the poster. I was amazed (not sure why/how I forgot) how big a difference one step to the left, right, forward or back can make in the perspective one has on a subject. 

When I'm stuck creatively I need that different perspective. Here's some ways I've found to take the creative step to the left, right, forward or back:
  • Give it a rest. Some time is sometimes the answer. That might be five minutes, five days or five months.
  • Get fresh eyes. Have someone objective give their opinion. Take the advice or not, but always listen to the opinion behind the advice.
  • Turn it upside down. Reverse everything you have (black becomes white, left becomes right, quiet becomes loud, salty becomes sweet…) Better? Something new in the opposite? 
  • Give it a nudge. Try a little change. Nothing drastic. Seek out that one tiny missing element.
  • Edit. Remove the parts that don't quite fit. Maybe someone (tradition?) said they had to be there, but you know better… 

What are some ways you can "take a step to the left, right, forward or back" on your creative projects? Is one step enough to get you where you want to be?