Out And About

Weather permitting, I'll be out taking photos for a client project today.

I'm looking forward to getting out of the (home) office. This time of year in Seattle (it only lasts 'til April!) it's pretty easy to go a bit stir crazy, or to just resign yourself to a cup of hot chocolate and an afternoon of movies.

I look forward to opportunities to get out like this. I get to take pictures, which is one of my favorite hobbies that I sometimes get paid for. Aside from that, being out and roaming around Seattle is a great opportunity to soak up (pardon the rain pun) the stuff around me. It's a little bit of an adventure – I'm not sure what I'll find or experience, so that in itself will be inspiring. Being in a different environment from my usual suburban home base will also provide opportunity for exposure to sites, and sounds that are not part of the usual routine. 

The best part of all this, is that while I'm working on this specific project, I'm letting myself experience all the other stuff around me and looking for ways to use them as jumping off points for other projects. It's quite common to have "the" idea for a completely different project while engaged in the project at hand. Let your mind be open to connections and inspiration in unexpected places. 

Getting out of the routine is one component of getting into a more creative space. Integrating a "field trip" into your work is one way. There are lots of others. If you missed yesterday's "This List Goes to 11" featuring Alternative Work Locations to Inspire Creativity, take a brief journey back in time here.

How can you combine a field trip with your next creative project? How can you get in the habit of being open to inspiration on multiple projects at once?