Seriously Out Of Sync

Snow December 2008

It's STILL snowing.

The photo above is from our fist batch of snow on Thursday of last week. Since then, we've gotten about another 6 inches. That's a LOT for the Seattle area. Getting around is really hard, as the roads have a hard ice pack, and there's lots of hills. Gravity sucks…

Cabin fever is setting in, and it's really thrown off my creative mojo. I'm sleeping in, wearing sweats all day and eating at odd times. I've learned enough about my creative style to know that I rely on predictable rhythms and cues to help me get in the creative zone. It's hard to get in the zone when every day feels like Saturday.

So, I'm adjusting. I set the alarm today, made my to-do list, and will be taking a shower before lunch :-)

It's a given that there will be external factors that get in the way of your creativity. Some you'll of those factors you'll be able to control or influence, but many you won't. However, what you can always control is how you respond to those factors. Remember, half of creativity is 90% mental. And, it's all in your head. 

How do you respond to extended periods of being out of sync creatively? What do you do to adjust your mindset during those times?