The Blank Page

There are two ways to look at a blank page:

  1. It's the scariest thing ever. Where do I even start?
  2. It's the most incredible opportunity ever. There are only opportunities.  
I believe strongly that attitude is a crucial component of creativity. A negative attitude will negatively impact creativity. Ideas will be dismissed before they're given a fair chance at life, ideas "not invented here" are ignored and "good enough" becomes acceptable. 

On the other hand, a positive attitude has a positive impact on creativity. Ideas are given a chance to breathe and and have every option explored, all sources of ideas are welcome, and the only acceptable outcome is "perfect fit."

Getting to the place where you eagerly anticipate the (literal or figurative) blank page is a process. There's lots of factors that can get in the way of this process such as: toxic work environment,  personal health, and high stress in the rest of your life. Some of those factors you can control and others you cannot. But, you can adjust your attitude to how those external factors affect your attitude. As with most processes, not every step needs to be a step forward, but the goal is for there to be more steps towards the goal than away from it.

Embrace the blank page. It's here where you have opportunities. It's here where the possibilities are endless. It's here where you will make an impact.

What's your attitude towards the blank page? What is one thing you can to improve your attitude towards the blank page?