Focus, Focus, Focus

Sorry for the absence. 

Here's a quick update. To be followed by another absence…

I've been focusing most of my creative energy since the first of the year on my various roles in the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza. I am blessed and privileged to wear multiple hats for this event:
  • Planning team member (volunteer)
  • Event graphic designer – logo, brochures, program book etc… (contract)
  • Advertiser/Exhibitor Coordinator (volunteer) 
  • Resource workshop provider (volunteer)
  • On site visual support – photos, video, etc… (contract) 

It keeps me busy. And is just about the most fun "work" I do each year. 

So, the quickie creative message I am reminded of is focus. There's times when the essential tasks have to be job one and take most (all?) focus. In other words, what needs to be "edited out" from my to-do list?That's where I'm at with the Extravaganza – it's the focus this month, and the reason for my absence from this blog. I plan to be back to regularly blogging upon my return from Extravaganza on February 3. 

How do you edit your creative list to what's essential?