In Praise of: Holiday Hiatus

This week's theme: In Praise Of… 

This will be a celebration and lifting up of the simple things that inspire, empower and enrich creativity.

This year's unexpected dose of extremely heavy snow in the Seattle area conspired to make getting out of the house difficult, getting in the groove of work almost impossible, and "forced" me to do a lot more nothing than I planned from December 17 – January 1.

This turned out to be just what I needed. Maybe the reason I could not get in a work groove at this time was because I needed a hiatus? It was necessary to get some projects moved along, but the creative spark was just not there. It was nice to have the "excuse" of weather and the holiday to relax.

Now, the first week of January is here, and it's full-speed ahead. I know it's going to be an extremely busy month, but I'm energized for it now. 

So, thank you heavy snow and holiday hiatus for giving me a break!

How can you find time for a hiatus to recharge? Are there ways to grab a mini-hiatus (an extended lunch, time with friends?) in the midst of a busy week?