In Praise of To-Do Lists

Concentration is a critical component of creativity. 

I find that I'm able to concentrate and focus better on the creative task at hand when I'm not about what I'm forgetting to do. 

I've found that to-do lists are a great way for me to let go of the fear of forgetting something. I've started the habit of making my list first thing in the morning, and then crossing off items throughout the day and adding new items to today's list, or tomorrow's, if I know it will not get done today. 

Some days I am able to check off all the items on my list, while other days only one item gets checked off. Either way, I've found this to be an incredibly useful asset to help me be more creative by worrying less and concentrating more. 

What habits do you have that help you concentrate more and worry less?

One Response to “In Praise of To-Do Lists”

  1. Carlin says:

    I’m a fan of to-dos, too! I keep mine on, which is then integrated into gmail (with their Firefox add-on) so I see my tasks every time I’m looking at email (which is often!). Love that I can easily track short-term and recurring tasks in the same place.