Habit Forming

For a variety of reasons, I got out of the habit of writing for this blog about a month ago.

For a variety of reasons, I also got out of the habit of being creative.


I indeed think they're related. I've realized that I tend to do this February hibernation thing that follows my involvement in the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza. I'm not as motivated to tackle the projects that aren't "fun", do the chores, go to church, etc… And I've been doing this for the past three or four years from about second week of February to second week or so of March. I also usually get a cold/flu during this time. Interesting…

Of course, I want to know "Why???" 

I think it's no "One" thing. It's the long winter days. It's the let-down after an awesome gathering with friends. It's the allergies/cold/flu thing. It's pending tax time. It's all that and more…

Of course, I want to know "What's the fix???"

I'm working on the fix. I think a big part of it will be realizing that there will be times of of the year with easy creative rhythms and times of the year with challenging creative rhythms. In other words, some times will just be funky, and I'll need to pay attention to finding ways to be creative and motivated during those more challenging times. 

The next step for me is to get back in the habits I had before the hibernation time. I'll be paying attention to the little and big things that help me be creative and motivate me to do my best work. Getting back in the groove of writing for this blog is one of those details…

How do you work through challenging creative rhythms – those long stretches of time when you're not motivated or feeling especially creative?