Inspirational Thought of the Day

I've learned that I can't WAIT for inspiration. I have to WANT it. 

It's taken awhile, but I've learned how to be inspired by the essence of the things I experience, not the literal form of the thing I'm experiencing. 

Here's a logo I completed recently… Can you tell the inspiration?
I had just finished watching Season 2 of Mad Men when this project came along. Visually, Mad Men is so rich and full of subtle touches that almost bring the early 60's back to life. I borrowed the black and red color palate from the main title, and used the same font as the names on the individual office doors (GIll Sans, for all the non-font geeks in the crowd). Then I played around with simple geometric shapes to represent the progression that (hopefully) happens in coaching, brought all the elements together and worked to balance the whole. 

As an aside, learn more about Dawn Trautman and my experience of coaching with her here.

How can you find inspiration in what you're reading, eating, watching, seeing, hearing, smelling? How can you take the essence of those things and integrate it into what you need to create?