Pencil Potential

Pencil MS

I'm rediscovering the pencil.

Growing up, pencils were the writing utensil of choice, pretty much all the way through high school. Pens were reserved for essays, while pencils were used for notes. And doodles. I used to doodle a lot in those "down times" in class. 

Using a pencil reminds me of those days when I doodled my perfect car, starships, and even designed (I realize now in hindsight) my first logo. I used to fill pages with stylized scribbles of my initials "MS". I still remember how I did it (see photo above). In other words, using a pencil takes me back to the place where there was only potential, and I hadn't set limits on what was possible.

So, I'm using a pencil more. For notes. For my to-do list. For doodles (again).

What can you do to rediscover the potential of the time(s) you were most creative? Is there some symbol or artifact form those times that you can use to help you recapture that potential?