Limited Inspiration

The camera in the iPhone stinks.

At least I thought so until I came across this portfolio. Go ahead and take a peek. I'll wait.

Wow! Right? 

This is a great example of acknowledging the limits imposed and then being creative within the limits and in spite of the limits. It's also a great example of always being ready to be creative with the tools at hand.

There are some limits (budget, deadline, etc…) that are really easy for me to embrace and be creative within. There are others (technology, client specific colors/photos/text, etc…) that are much harder for me to deal with. I tend to see those limits as infringing on my creativity, rather than a jumping off point for a unique idea. 

My project for next week is to take some photos every day with my iPhone, all the while embracing it's limits. Stay tuned…

The camera in the iPhone rocks!
How do limits impact your creativity?

How have you been creatively successful even when limited in some way?