It is finished.

The big project is done.

Now what? 

I often find that at the end of a big project there is a bit of a letdown combined with the sense of accomplishment. I'm realizing that part of the letdown is that I've got nothing left in the creative tank. The batteries are drained. I need a recharge.

In hindsight, I realize that I have informally developed a creative recharging process. It looks something like this: lots of meandering around the internet, poking around on my iPhone (games, text messages, Mariners scores, weather, etc…), diving into a book (or two or three) and more movies in a weekend than I usually watch in two months. 

Of course, work goes on, but not at the same pace. I used to feel guilty. I used to feel I was being lazy. 

Now, I look at this time differently. In all of my post-big-project down time activities, there is a common thread: I'm soaking up the creativity of others. I'm seeking inspiration – that spark that says, "Time for YOU to create something." 

How do you feel when you're done with the "big project?" How do you recharge your creative batteries?