Monday Mind Games

Let's try something new together.

Here's what I'm thinking: each Monday, I'll share a new creative exercise. They should only take ten to twenty minutes each. 

I'd love to see what you come up with during these activities, so please share in the comments. I'll be posting what I come up with by Wednesday of each week (have to put my money where my creative mouth is).

I'm calling them Monday Mind "Games" as I hope these have a playful and fun element that engages your creative side in new ways.

Let's get started!

Monday Mind Game #1: 
Personal Mantra

A mantra is a short (three to seven word) phrase or collection of words that gets at the ESSENCE of what you're trying to get across. It's the ultimate distillation of your point. No fluff. No hiding behind meaningless multi-sentence paragraphs or borrowed bits from someone else. 

This is about you, and what you're about. 

Step 1: Take ten minutes and write down words and phrases that describe you and what you care about. 

Step 2: Sort those words and phrases into the ten that are most important to you.  

Step 3: Create a three to seven word phrase, or grouping of words, that is "YOU". 

Please share what you come up with in the comments below!

For more on mantras, read this excellent post by Guy Kawasaki  

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  1. Ike Bunce says:

    No bad days, just bad moments.