Summer Mood Swings

Summer has a much different creative cadence for me.

There's lots of external reasons for this change in rhythm. My son is no longer in school, so he's home hanging out (ahhhh, to be 17 again). I usually have a major event to attend that takes lots of energy, both before and after the event. Most of my clients go into semi-hibernation and focus on more straight production oriented (change this text, move this here) type of projects.

And then there's my mood. I tend to want to just watch baseball, read books, enjoy a movie (or two or three). I'm beginning to realize that my mood is maybe (finally) getting in sync with the rhythm of work. Since my customers are not seeking lots of new creative projects, I like to think that I'm resting and recharging my creative batteries a bit. 

It's a given that creative mood swings will happen. Sometimes they're seasonal, and sometimes they're situational (and badly timed). I'm learning not to "fight" this place I'm in, and to go with this flow as much as possible.

Do you have creative seasonal mood swings? How do you respond to them? 

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