Lessons From A Nomad

Recently, my friend Dawn became "homeless."

Dawn is now an Urban Nomad: "a small but diverse section of society that lives and works in an urban area, yet does not rent, own or otherwise reside permanently in any one location." You can read about her adventures here.

What a fascinating choice. She's taken one of the givens of our adult lives, and said, "No." Her choice has gotten me thinking about what "Givens" do I not question when I approach a creative project? And most importantly, how do those assumptions get in the way of providing the best creative work?

So, here's my lessons, so far:

  • Everything is open to discussion. Nothing should be assumed.
  • Even in the unconventional, there are still constants (i.e. food, shelter, clothing).
  • Saying "No" to a traditional given, means new challenges (and opportunities).
  • There is risk in saying "No" to traditional givens.
  • There is different freedom in being unconventional.
  • Some won't "get it". But, there are others who wouldn't "get it" even if it was traditional. Can't please everybody.
  • Choosing the unconventional isn't always the best fit. But sometimes it's the ONLY fit.   

What unconventional choices can you make in your next creative process? What assumptions should you say "no" to in order to get to the best result?