Creativity Wish List

This time of year always brings back memories of countless hours spent reading the Sears Wish Book during my much younger years.

It's been many years since the Sears Wish Book, so I decided to make a Creativity Wish List, from which will spring Creativity Goals and then Creativity Results.

  1. Work With Fun/Cool/Interesting People. This year, I've found a number of new-to-me creative folks online, reconnected with some people from the past, and been reminded of just how much I enjoy most of the people I am privileged to call clients. My Creativity Wish to find ways to connect with some of the new-to-me folks and discover ways to partner with them, as well as nurture and grow my existing fun/cool/interesting relationships. Life is too long to work with turkeys.
  2. More Photography. My son's senior project is based on photography and I'm really enjoying watching him and being inspired by what he sees through the lens with his new-to-the-camera eyes. He's helping me see new angles on the ordinary. Another photographic source of inspiration is photographer Chase Jarvis' book, The Best Camera Is The One That's With You. 
  3. Keep Learning. Since I'm so easily bored, I want to find one or two things to learn more about in the next year. At the top of that list right now, is photography and marketing.
  4. Network. If I want to work with fun/cool/interesting people, I have to meet them, and that means getting out of my office more. I've joined a local entrepreneur group and had my first "tweeting" (a meeting arranged from an initial conversation on Twitter). It's a start!
  5. Motivate Myself. There's been a number of times this past year (far too many) where I was in a weird and unmotivated creative space. I could usually get out of the funk if a fun project came along, but I want to be able to get out of that funk by myself. I'm going to work on developing new attitudes and habits to address this. 

What's on your Creativity Wish List?